"I will never grow old… I will never forget the most cherished moments of my life… There was a day not so long ago that I may have actually believed these things. Today, I know better. The details of the vast collection of blessings our friends and family have bestowed upon us over the years are sometimes difficult to recall exactly. We are so fortunate that one of those many blessings was meeting you, Mindy. Your eye for the world around you allows you to capture much more than just an image. The depth of feeling and emotion you’re able to enchant each frozen moment in time with, is priceless. Today, when we look at all the special moments you have recorded forever in time with our family and friends, we are able to not only recall the image, but the full breath of emotion that each brought us long ago. Thank so much!" ~The Sovocool Family, Orlando, FL

"I love that you were able to capture us, Mindy, in these special moments, that are everyday moments for us, but feel so much more special when they can be captured and looked at again and again. These fleeting moments that go by so quickly, we will be able to return to again and again and relive them together. Thank you so much!"  ~The Clemens Family, St. Petersburg, FL

"My husband and I were lucky enough to find Mindy and This Life Photography for our wedding and could not have been happier! Mindy is such a professional and she was able to take some beautiful photos of my friends and family that I will cherish forever. We received whole collection of images that tell our story in a way that only Mindy could capture. She has a gift for showing real, candid moments and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer who can create lifelong memories!"  ~The Belports, St. Petersburg, FL 

"Children grow up too fast." As a child, I didn't think anything could be further from the truth. As a mother, nothing has ever been more true. I am so grateful that Mindy was able to capture these fleeting moments of my children so beautifully. You can feel the love between brother and sister in the candid moments of their interaction. My children will never be this small again. These photos will be cherished for a lifetime.  ~The Harms Family, Orlando, FL

“An exceptional eye for beauty, class and style…Mindy, with This Life Photography, was a pleasure to work with. From the pre-shoot planning, to the day of the shoot, to the development of the photos, she was creative, professional, and punctual. Her passion for her craft is contagious and she pays special attention to detail - from the lighting, to the background, to the subject matter. I highly recommend her for all of your lifestyle portrait needs!”  ~Anik Clemens, Certified Life Coach

"Thank you so very much for the beautiful pictures of my grandkids Gavin and Addison. You did an amazing job at capturing them in a natural way! Gavin in a tree with his boyish smile and Addison's bright eyes and curls. You can almost hear her giggle! And we had enough pictures to share with all the family. I have the pictures on my livingroom wall where I can enjoy them everyday. I miss the grandkids so much since we moved back to NY."  ~The Ryan Family, Orlando, FL/Moravia, NY

"Everybody raves about the engagement pictures you took! You are such an awesome photographer! Thank you so much for capturing such an important time in our lives. Big Hugs!"  ~The Webbs, Windemere, FL

"Mindy is a true and original artist of her trade. She is very professional, looks into every detail (from proper lighting to location to relaxing her subjects). I knew what I wanted from a photographer and Mindy gave me that and so much more. She captured my daughter and I in several special moments together where the laughter and smiles were not posed, and you can feel the genuine love between us. I also wanted to capture my two aging Labradors in photos so I could look upon their loving faces when they were no longer able to be with me. The photos were absolutely gorgeous. Not only did she capture their essence, she captured their spirits and did so in such a special way. Nothing was propped, every photo was taken in a natural moment. I will cherish those photographs always. Thank you, Mindy, for giving me memories to cherish. Your gift should be shared with the world."  ~Dawna Gunthrup, St. Petersburg, FL

"It was a great pleasure to have Mindy, with This Life Photography, photograph us. What a gift! She made everyone feel at ease, and captured everyone at their best, in a relaxed photojournalistic style. She has a passion for what she does, and it shows in her work. You will not regret hiring This Life Photography to preserve the special moments of your life!"  
~The Colemans, Tampa, FL

"Mindy is very talented! Her cheerful manner, patience, and strong work ethic are refreshing, to say the least. Her ability to see and capture the love and beauty of her subjects and their surroundings should bring her tremendous success."  
~The Bass Familly, Orlando, FL

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